With our actions and animations features, you can add so much interactivity to your websites. One of the actions that we want to highlight is “Set Style” and “Reset Style.” These actions cause the style or design of an element to change when a reader hovers over it, clicks it, or hovers away from it. This is similar to onMouseOver and onMouseOut in JavaScript. Unlike other website builders, we designed actions and animations in a way that gives you total freedom to customize the interactivity you want. The possibilities are nearly endless. Since there are so many ways to use these actions and animations, we thought we’d share some of our favorite ways to use them. We use the “Set Style” and “Reset style” actions for the Call-to-Action buttons on our example. As you’ll see in the gif below, the CTA button on our example has a white background with a teal border and the text is black. If you hover over the button, the background turns to teal and the text turns white. If you hover away from the button, the button changes to its original style. Simple interactivity!
How To Add Call-To-Action Buttons
We use the “Set Style” and “Reset style” actions for the Call-to-Action buttons.
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