In this video we'll look into detail on how we can use copy and paste to duplicate our elements and streamline our content building on Readz.

Let's start with simply copying an element to see how it works. Let's say we wanna duplicate this image element here.

We're gonna start by selecting the element. We can copy by either right-clicking or by using the keyboard shortcuts. If we right-click on the element, we'll see we have the options of copying, cutting, deleting, or selecting the parent of this element, so I can simply right-click and copy. I can also use keyboard commands to copy, command c on a Mac or control c on a PC.

As you can see, when the element is copied, we get a little notification flash letting us know it worked.Now, to paste the element we just copied, important to note is that you must use your keyboard commands to paste in Readz. We can paste the element we just copied using command v on a Mac or control v on a PC.

As we can see, the pasted element appears in the upper left-hand corner of the page, and then we can drag it to wherever we would like it on the page.

Sometimes you're going to want to paste and element into an existing element. To do this, we'll copy the element we'd like to duplicate near the image, then we'll select the element we'd like to paste into and hit command v or control v while that element is selected. As you can see, our new duplicated element appears in the upper left-hand corner of that element.

Copying and pasting in Readz is easy and can be a great time-saver.
In this video we show you how to copy & paste content in the Readz platform, and we also give you a couple of power-tips.
Copy & Paste
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