There are two states for pages, connected layouts and disconnected layouts. Any pages already built out on Readz is set to disconnected layouts. New blank pages and new blank projects will be set to connected layouts. Any pages or projects copied from an existing page or existing project will remain as disconnected layouts.

What is a connected layout? A connected layout is a page setting where the order of the elements is mirrored on all three devices. From left to right, top to bottom, the arrangement of elements is kept consistent on desktop, tablet, and phone. In this connected layout mode, you might start to add elements to the desktop page. As you add these elements, they are automatically being added and appropriately sized on the tablet and the phone. Any re-arranging of these elements on one device does in fact re-arrange them on the other devices. Like stacking boxes on a shelf in a warehouse, connected layouts will order elements next to each other unless there is not enough room, then they’ll drop down to the next line. Behavior you can expect in when using a connected layout page:
  • Many elements can fit in side-by-side on desktop, while on phone and tablet, a stacking strategy is used.
  • Rearranging of elements on one device will have an effect on all devices.
  • You can modify the width and height of individual elements without affecting the same element on the other devices.
  • You can always toggle this connected layout setting off and on via the page menu options.
Connected layout
Connected layouts are great for beginners as the Readz platform is making a lot of important layout choices for you, so you can focus on the content.
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