This video will be a quick how-to on adding fonts from Google Fonts. It's really quite simple. And once you get the hang of it, it will take no time at all. All right, let's get started. We'll take them right from the Google Fonts website. So, here on Google Fonts, we'll choose a font and then we'll add it to our Readz page. So, let's take a Roboto Condensed for example. So next to Roboto Condensed, I'll click on this little plus, add to family.

Then, this little pop up is going to appear saying one family selected. When we click on it, we can see the option to embed the font. We'll leave everything as it is and just copy this text right here.

Then, we'll go back to Readz, and we'll paste that into the box under Google Fonts. Then, we'll click add fonts. And then, we'll be able to see Roboto Condensed listed over here on the right-hand side in our list of fonts.

There you have it. Google Fonts is just one of the three ways you can add fonts to your Readz page. Check out our other videos on fonts to learn about using Adobe Typekit or custom fonts.

This video gives a quick how-to on add and use Google Fonts.

Adding Google Fonts