Let's say you already have your own or your company's custom fonts saved on your computer and now you wanna use them in Readz. This video will go into detail on how you can add those fonts and then use them in Readz. 
So to begin, we'll go over to out text style menu. Then, I'll open my font settings panel by clicking on this F. Then, I'll go to the third choice here, upload a font, under custom fonts. And, I will choose my font face that I would like to upload. Here I'll choose Linguistics Pro regular, open. And, I scroll down over here, you can see it was added Linguistic Pro regular with a little custom font F. And if I'd like to upload the bold as well, I'll go back and we can see that appeared there too. So now, I should be able to use these on my page just like any other font. There we go. And, that's how you upload your custom font to Readz.

This video gives a quick how-to on upload and use your own custom font in Readz.

Adding a Custom Font