Pinterest is one of the social sharing options available in the Readz platform. You can use the popular social site to promote the content you create with Readz. If you are creating a lookbook or webpage and want to show off your products, using Pinterest is essential for your promotion strategy.
Unlike standard Pinterest sharing plugins that you would find with other web publishing software, Readz allows you to customize the way you want your Pinterest sharing buttons to look and function. You can choose to share your page as a whole, or share individual images. You can use our ready-to-use Pinterest button, or be fancy and create your own. Here’s how:
If you are creating a lookbook, for example, you would want to include Pinterest sharing buttons on each of your images so that your fans can pin them.
The easiest way to do this is to use Readz built-in Pinterest sharing button. To use it, click the plus sign on the page menu, then select “Sharing.” You will see the list of available social buttons. Drag the “Pinterest Share” option over the image and release. You can put the button anywhere you want on the image and resize it to what you think looks best. The gif below shows how it’s done.
How To Add A Pinterest Sharing Button
web element- close
web element- close
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